"How to Choose The Right Foundation"

With different formulas, textures, finishes and coverage options, choosing the right foundation can be a difficult task. I'll help break down everything you need to consider in order to choose the right foundation for you!

What Is Foundation?

Foundation enhances the appearance of the skin by creating an even and uniform tone. It’s available in many different formulas, including: cream, liquid, powder & stick.

There are two elements that determine the color, coverage and application of foundation: Vehicle and Pigment.


  • gives foundation its slip and ability to move around on the face

  • the easier foundation moves around the face, the lighter the slip

  • the more drag a foundation has, the stiffer the slip


  • provides shade color and coverage

  • the less pigment a base has, the less coverage it will deliver

Analyze Your Skin

The key to determining the correct foundation requires evaluating the condition of the skin. The “ideal skin” to work with will have an even surface, which makes for a smoother, even application.