Eyeshadow 101: Basics + Tips & Tricks

While eyeshadow is typically used to accentuate and enhance the eyes, by adding depth and dimension, but it can also be used to correct any negative aspects.

Eyeshadow 101 Basic Tips and Tricks Makeup Blog

In this blog post, I’ll go over all the basic of eyeshadow, as well as:

  • The differences and benefits between highlight & shadow, as it applies to an eyeshadow application

  • How to apply eyeshadow in order to draw attention to the eyes

  • How to recognize and correct a variety of problematic areas of the eye

  • How to apply eyeshadow in order to create the illusion of ‘lift’ to the eye, which will give a more youthful appearance


The area directly above the eye and just under the eyebrow is where eyeshadow will be placed. If you're looking to achieve a more intense or dramatic look, you can also place the eyeshadow under and/or around the outer-corner of the eye.