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What It Is:

Setting spray, sometimes referred to as “finishing spray”, is like hairspray for your face. Primarily used as the last step of the makeup routine, setting sprays are designed to help extend the longevity of makeup. Depending on the formula, setting sprays can offer additional benefits, including: hydration, shine-control, etc.


Who It’s For:

All Skintones and Skin-types



Why I Love It:

This patented, award-winning setting spray is a MUST-HAVE! I’ve tried many setting spray formulas, but I keep going back to this one, because of it’s incredible ability to keep makeup looking flawless all-day long! As a last step in the makeup routine, I like to apply a generous amount of setting spray—this locks the makeup in place, takes away any excess powder, and helps the makeup “melt” into the skin, for a more natural appearance.

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Finishing Spray

    • Award-winning, ultra-fine mist spray

    • Helps keep makeup on  all-day long

    • Resists the effects of excess moisture

    • Sweat-proof, cry-proof, & kiss-proof

    • Winner of Brides' Magazine Beauty Award

    • Patented Temperature Control Technology helps prevent excess shine

    • Paraben-free & hypoallergenic

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