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What It Is:

Foundation is a skin-colored makeup base that’s used to create an even and uniform tone to the skin, while concealer is used to cover-up blemishes, sunspots, tattoos, etc. Foundation and concealer formulas vary in coverage, staying power, and finish, and are typically available in liquid, cream, stick or powder form. Most foundation and concealer finishes are described as matte, natural, satin, or dewy.


Who It’s For:

Foundations with a matte and/or natural finish are typically shine-controlling formulas that are ideal for normal-to-oily skin types. Satin and/or dewy finish foundations typically have light-reflecting particles that impart a glow to the skin, and are best suited for normal-to-dry skin types.


Why I Love It:

The RCMA Vincent Kehoe Pro Palette contains highly-pigmented, multi-use creams that can be used for: foundation, highlight, contour, cheek color, lip color, etc. These full-coverage creams can also be sheered out using a mixing medium, such as face oil or moisturizer, making it perfect for customizing!

RCMA Vincent Kehoe Pro Palette

    • Pre-filled with universal colors
    • Highly-pigmented, blendable cream
    • Formulated without fragrance, mineral oil and lanolin
    • Comes with a removable metal mixing palette
    • 100% customizable and refillable - choose from hundreds of colors!
    • Easily replaceable/refillable godets
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