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What is it?

Simply add 1-2 drops into any cream product, and watch it instantly transform it into a more fluid consistency, with a dewy-er finish. It’s also great for dried-up cream products—just add a couple of drops to bring them back to life!


Why I Love It...

Whether you want to sheer out a foundation, or revive a dried-up palette, this product is the perfect addition to your kit! Turn any cream product into a liquid product by simply adding 1-2 drops. The best part of all? It won’t affect the overall pigmentation of the product!

RCMA Thinner

    • Perfect for adjusting consistency of any cream products

    • Restores dried-up cream products

    • Helps makeup glide on smoother

    • Hybrid formula contains isopropyl myristate and vegetable-based castor oil

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