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What It Is:

The Italian term, Chiaro-scuro (chiaro=light, scuro=dark), is the use of contrasting areas of light & dark in art. In makeup, this is often referred to as contouring & highlighting. Contouring is used to create shadows and make features recede or appear smaller, while highlighting is used to accentuate and bring light to features. These techniques are often used to define, enhance, and/or to give the  a more “three-dimensional appearance” to the face and/or body.


Who It’s For:

All Skintones and Skin-types


Why I Love It:

When it comes to cream contouring and highlighting, this palette is a staple for professional makeup artists. Available in two shades, each 5-part palette is compiled of the perfect colors to enhance, minimize, or correct features. These colors can also be mixed to create the perfect, customizable shade to suit any skintone or skin-type.

RCMA Highlight & Contour Palette

    • Highly-pigmented, 5-part cream palette available in two shades: Light and Medium/Dark

    • Add definition and shape to the face and body

    • Buildable formula, delivers sheer or full-coverage results

    • Formulated without fragrance, mineral oil or lanolin

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