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What It Is:

Primarily used to give a youthful and natural glow to the skin, blush has been a beauty staple, dating way back to ancient times. Blush can be applied in a variety of ways to add structure, dimension, depth, and color to the skin. Blush is available in many different formulas, including: cream, liquid, gel, mousse, and powder.


Who It’s For:

All Skintones & Skin-types.


Why I Love It:

Although I’ll occasionally work with cream blushes (typically on more mature skin), powder blushes tend to be my “go-to”. This blush palette is PERFECT for makeup artists, or those looking to build-up their blush collection! Not only does it come with a gorgeous color selection, but all the colors are refillable and replaceable!

Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette

    • Refillable, slim palette with magnetic closure

    • Comes with 8 warm-toned, matte finish blushes

    • Perfect for all occasions

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